Fight Video: Jason High vs Todd Moore – September 23, 2011

Jason High Strikeforce Interview – September 19, 2011

Check out this interview about “Travelin’ Man” Jason High leading up to his bout against Todd Moore on September 23rd at the Palms in Las Vegas:

Jason High – Travelin’ Man

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This just in – Jason High to fight Todd Moore on Sept 23rd Strikeforce Challengers card

It’s official – Jason will face Todd Moore on September 23rd at Strikeforce Challengers at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moore mаdе a successful Strikeforce debut іn June whеn hе outpointed Mike Bronzoulis аt “Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum” tο improve hіѕ overall record tο 14-4. Thе win mаrkеd Moore’s fourth іn five fights including a pair οf strike-based stoppages аnd wаѕ hіѕ second іn a row.

Jason is currently training at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, FL, to prepare for the bout.

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Jason High Wins Unanimous Decision over Quinn Mulhern at Strikeforce Challengers 16

He won!

Jason dominated Quinn Mulhern with his wrestling skills to win a unanimous decision on Friday night at the Showare Center in Kent, Washington.

MMAJunkie article by our twitter buddy Robert Sargent (@MMARising):

KENT, Wash. – Jason High has found a new home in Strikeforce, but “The Kansas City Bandit’s” focus remains the same: to keep winning fights impressively in order to move up the ranks.

On Friday night, High (14-3 MMA, 1-0 SF) made his promotional debut at Strikeforce Challengers 16 with a dominant three-round decision victory over King of the Cage champion Quinn Mulhern (15-2 MMA, 0-1 SF) at Kent, Wash.’s ShoWare Center.

Although the wrestling-heavy fight drew the ire of some in the arena, High was largely satisfied with his Showtime-televised performance and knew he fought to his strengths.

“Now that some time has gone by, I realize that I fought a smart fight and did what I came to do, but when I was in there, I was kind of disappointed,” High told ( following his victory. “I wanted to stand with him a bit, but kind of subconsciously after the first round, I took him down a few times, and he wasn’t threatening with submissions.”

Read the article in FULL here:

Fight Footage:

MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

On Monday, June 20, Jason was a guest on MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

Check out the video HERE.

Next fight: Jason High vs. Quinn Mulhern at Strikeforce Challengers 16

**** UPDATE JUNE 20, 2011 ****

Jason’s fight has been moved to the main card, which means you can catch it on Showtime! More from MMAJunkie.

The full card is shown at Also:


Strikeforce Challengers Logo

Jason will fight Quinn Mulhern on June 24th at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, on a Strikeforce Challengers card. Check out more details at

For more information on the event itself, check out

Jason High Signs with Strikeforce

Strikeforce Logo

Great news everyone – Jason signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce over the weekend!

Check out the full article from

Jason High Defeats Rudy Bears at Titan 16

Jason defeated Rudy Bears by guillotine choke at 51 seconds in the first round!

Pictures from the fight

Watch the fight:

Strange dreams…

I’ve been debating all week whether or not to write about this dream I had. First off let me say this, I’m not religious, at all. I’ve been to church, but only when I was young and my mother forced me. Other than that I find organized religion quite appalling in general. With that said, I’ll get into this awkward dream.

The dream starts out with me treading water close to the shore. There are people around. I’m not sure whether I know any of these people or not. Ahead of me onshore is a beach and a cave behind that. I can’t see inside the cave. Behind me is more water. The premise of the dream is that there’s a choice to be made. Either I go forward into the cave, with God (in this instance God wasn’t Jesus, Allah etc just God) or I go back into the open ocean. So I ask this guy, who looks scraggly and unkept like he’s been at sea for awhile, what’s in the open ocean. He says to me “The Federalist Papers”. The Federalist Papers? Yes really. I had a dream about God vs The Federalist Papers. Anyway, if you don’t know what the Federalist Papers are, read this:

The nameless scraggly guy chooses The Federalist Papers and immediately he begins to regret his decision. He discovers that he made the wrong choice. It reminded me of this scene from Indiana Jones:

The only difference was the guy didn’t turn to dust. Instead he jumps on me in the water in an attempt to save himself. At this point I make my decision and head towards the cave. With this guy attached to me I cross into the shadow of the caves entrance. As soon as I hit this point the guy on my back is forcibly removed from me. It felt like each of our skins were Velcro and we were being separated. It wasn’t painful it just felt strange. Next thing I know Ann is shaking me awake because I’m making a loud humming noise in my sleep, a noise that I’m pretty sure was a yell in my dream. That was it. I remember Ann asking me what my bad dream was about, I was so embarrassed and dumbfounded that I had to tell her “It was about God and the Federalist Papers” She probably thought I was crazy. Anyways, that’s my strange dream, what do you guys think?